As part of our commitment to HHS/CMS success, ActioNet has invested in tools at our expense to support Agile delivery. These tools include Targetprocess to manage the Agile lifecycle, and iRise and Axure simulation tools to model system operations as an aide to requirements and design. Simulation helps business owners visualize their system and allows ActioNet to demonstrate at each requirements review session the operationalization of the current requirements. Business owners can adjust and change requirements based on this simulation to understand and communicate the system and functionality they truly need.

The iRise Code Generation Tool uses “templates” to generate code from a simulation modeled in iRise. The innovative use of simulation to generate requirements has resulted in repeatable savings due to rapid development as recognized by the CMS GTLs, and higher customer satisfaction with the end product that the customer helped define and design.These tools reduced the time required for a prototype by the Salesforce team (rapid cloud development) by 88%. Further, the use of the Axure tool was a key element in increasing our team productivity to deliver an over 300% increase in release throughput.


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