The client required a new hosting environment upon which they could safely and securely maintain internal applications.

The Project

ActioNet was challenged with setting up a new, modernized application hosting environment at an ActioNet owned facility and determining how to safely migrate the applications without data loss and minimal downtime.

The Solution

The team successfully gained client trust that ActioNet could handle the build out by demonstrating its technical expertise as it peer reviewed the other contractor’s proposed architecture, identified multiple single points of failure in their design, and recommended an improved design and hardware/networking specifications that addressed all concerns while still remaining within the client’s budget.

The team architected and executed a phased migration plan by moving the largest application, performing complete regression testing over a three day period on the three environments associated with application (Test, UAT, and Production). This testing was unusually cumbersome as the security scans were being run concurrently on the environments to expedite the migration process. As the team encountered problems they were quickly resolved and re-tested to ensure the integrity of the system was not compromised. Third, as the new infrastructure was awarded its Authority to Operate (ATO) to “go-live,” which consisted of evaluating the systems’ Configuration Management and Security Plans, performing multiple security scans, and remediation of critical findings before being granted operational status.

The Result

In the end, our go-live status was obtained almost two months ahead of schedule and the migration was successful to the utmost satisfaction of the client.

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