ActioNetHosting® assists customers in determining the right hosting approach for their specific portfolio of technology, servers and applications.

Our Innogration

Whether looking to enhance an existing data center, build a new facility, or migrate to the cloud, we provide the right expertise and assistance to address needs and ensure customers are asking the right questions:

  • “Should I expand my current data center, or look to procure services elsewhere?”
  • “What are my cloud goals, strategies, and IT plans to support them?”
  • “Where are the best cloud candidates for IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, etc.?”
  • “Given these candidates, how much of my business is running or planned to run on the cloud?”
  • “Where is the greatest information security risk to my Department of a cloud transformation?”
  • “How do my current cloud plans reduce cost over time?”


  • Assessment of current infrastructure portfolio
  • Private & Public Cloud (FISMA ready)
  • FISMA Certified Data Centers
  • Migration Strategies & Services
  • Startup, Provisioning & Administration Services
  • FedRamp support

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