Cyber attacks are increasing in frequency and sophistication. A data compromise can mean disruption to critical operations, loss or disclosure of employee’s personal information, and damage to agency reputation that have major financial implications for systems remediation.

ActioNetCyber™ is a firmly established accredited firm; we are a cyber provider dedicated to helping our clients manage cybersecurity risks to systems, people, assets, data, and capabilities. Our staff has experience with cyber orchestration, critical cyber functions, and the related cybersecurity risks to enable organization mitigate risks. ActioNetCyber™ focuses and prioritizes security activities, consistent with its risk management strategy and business needs.

ActioNet provides an integrated service offering for security management and governance that helps reduce IT costs while improving the security posture.


ActioNet Big Data Services

Continuous Cyber Operations

• Security Operations Center (SOC) Services

• Threat Analytics

• Security Orchestration and Incident Management Automation

Adaptive Risk Management

•Security Control Assessments/Cloud Security Assessments

•Cyber Penetration Testing

•Mobile and IoT Device Testing

•Application Code Analysis and Vulnerability Inventory Management

Cyber Advisory Services

•Security Program Design and Innovation

•Continuous Monitoring Strategy Development and Governance Support

•Cloud and Big Data Security Strategy

•Assessment and Authorization

Security Engineering

•Security Infrastructure Architecture and Design

•Security Technology Evaluation

•Innovation Center Cyber Solution Prototyping

Case Study

Optimizing Open-Source Tools to Create a Scalable Platform for Rapid Delivery of Mission-Critical Data

ActioNet designed a Big Data platform (BDP) solution that combines the features and capabilities of several big data applications and utilities within a single solution which enables organization in developing, deploying, operating and managing a big data environment.

We met this integration challenge by finding the fine line between emerging and stable technologies, integrating 40+ analytics tools, dashboards and virtualizations such as a Cyber Awareness Dashboard for the SOC allows a snapshot of top threats and provides vulnerability scores as well as actions that will alter risk scores. The environment is secured through encrypted data transport capabilities through Direct Connect and AWS Snowballs for mass data ingest.


Transformed data fusion workflows to dramatically enhance analytics and position DOE to collect a wide array of cyber meta data enabling Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation.

  • Scalable: The BDP is operationally deployed on a 4PB infrastructure and scalable to meet any customer demands, and has sustained ingestion rates of 4.5Gbps
  • Rapid: BDP provides over 1,200 direct participants from gov, centers, labs, FFRDCs, and UARCS, including CYBERCOMMAND, DISA, NSA and Joint Forces, automated deployment in the AWS GovCloud in hours, cutting previous times by weeks and months
  • Granular: Control through Attribute Based Access Controls for cell level data security
  • End to End: Data lifecycle support from data ingestion with Storm, Storage and common schema through Hadoop. Analysis and Queries through R, and Dashboards and visualizations through Shiny and Kibana to support Cyber Awareness Dashboards