April 2, 2024

Earth Day

Vienna, VA

Earth Month takes place during April every year. We know that sustainability is important to you and as we enter into Earth Month, we want to celebrate together as your sustainable business partner. Earth Month encourages environmental stewardship and reminds us to protect our planet and its resources. ActioNet is proud to do our part to create a more sustainable future. Learn more about how you can participate in Earth Month.

Sustainable Supplies

Using recycled content materials helps extend the life of the earth’s precious natural resources thereby reducing impact to the environment. At ActioNet, we use paper, toner and battery recycle containers to help promote a more sustainable corporate climate. Recycling paper and using recycled paper may reduce landfill waste, save forests, and lessen environmental degradation, save energy, reduce and pollution.
Recycle Bin

Take Action

Listed below are some activities that can help you to participate in Earth Month.

  • Compost your food scraps.
  • Set up a carpool or choose any other car-free mode of transportation.
  • Host a clothing swap in your community.
  • Plant trees and native plants, help restore wildlife habitats.
  • Clean up litter in your community.

Earth Month is an opportunity to celebrate our beautiful planet, promote sustainability, and improve the habits that negatively impact the Earth.