April 10, 2024

By Eric C.

Employee Center

ActioNet recently implemented an Employee Center portal on the ServiceNow platform to enable managers, employees and contractors with mission critical duties aboard ships, planes, centers and field sites to request services from anywhere with a unified portal. Employee Center keeps everyone engaged, productive, and informed. Our ActioNetAnywhere™ approach provides the capability to deliver services to both internal and external customers. No matter where they live or work, issues can be reported, services requested, knowledge accessed and status obtained spanning across applications, software, cybersecurity, employee, hardware, network, end user devices and the project management office.

Employee Services

Our Employee Services capability enhances the employee service experience providing a multi-departmental intranet to easily get help from HR, IT, Facilities, and other departments. New modern look and feel and Artificial Intelligence (AI) provides minimal clicks to standardize, automate and elevate Federal employee and contractor user experience. ActioNet’s approach and solution optimizes workforce readiness and capabilities to meet required roles. We have automated complex On and Off Boarding and Transfer In and Out of Federal employees and contractors. We have even automated the request for Common Access Cards (CAC) to manage end to end submission of security documents, fingerprints, background investigations, and scheduling and provisioning of CAC for new hires. Dashboards provide real-time visibility into every step of the way until day one of new hires starting work. On day one of work, they are cleared, and have their access, equipment, office space, and even specialized software or travel cards.
Employee Center

Service Operations Workspace

Integrating Service Operations Workspace enables fulfillers to support a hybrid multi-duty workforce from anywhere transforming how work gets done with cross-departmental services, information, and tasks. Manual processes are automated with a centralized approach. Real-time visibility, notifications, reporting, and access to My Requests, My Work and My Team’s work ensure prompt response and completion. End-user satisfaction, security, and ease of access is improved, while cost and risk are reduced.


ActioNet’s broad services include Information Technology Service Management (ITSM), IT Operations Management (ITOM), Human Capital Management (HCM) and Service Portfolio Management (SPM) to customers across the country and around the world to Enable America’s Critical Missions for its Health, Well-being and Security.
Employee Services
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