May 31, 2018

ActioNeter Grace L. (left) Poses with CEO Ashley (right)

By Grace L.

It was a beautiful day on May 5th, 2018. As an ActioNet employee, I went to the ActioNet HQ Summer Picnic at Nationals Park with my family. We were very welcomed as soon as we arrived at the picnic tent– I felt like I was walking into a family party! Everyone at the picnic was happy, nice, and very friendly. We all had fun with tattoos, received free gifts, game tickets, and enjoyed good foods and drinks. We heard all the children singing before the game too! Many people were lucky to win gift cards or gift bags filled with souvenirs when their raffle numbers were picked. One of my daughters was lucky enough to win a gift bag!

ActioNet Families have food and watch a baseball game at 2018 Summer Picnic

ActioNet Families had fun singing, eating, and socializing at the 2018 Summer Picnic

We had a good time with work friends and also met many other ActioNet employees. Very excitedly, I met ActioNet CEO Ashley. She was very joyful, easy-going, and friendly to everyone at the picnic. Ashley even sat with my family and chatted with us! We were all very happy to get to know Ashley. After the picnic, we all went to see the Washington Nationals game. It was a fun day and I am so happy to be part of the ActioNet family. We all Work Hard, Play Hard and Live fun and Healthy!

All members of ActioNet families had fun with the bubbles– even the adults!