June 29, 2015

Written by Ashley C.

During the IMC in Nashville, TN last week, we rolled up our sleeves and helped each other get things done regardless of our titles or rankings at ActioNet.  Here is how we lead by example:

On Monday, 6/15, the first day of IMC, we had to set up our booth by 4:00 PM before the VIP Walk Through at 5:00 PM, as well as the Welcome Network Reception at 6:00 PM. Around noon, Mike (our CSO & SVP), Jay (our DOE ITSS CTO) & myself, all in jeans, worked as team and set up the booth in less than 90 minutes which is a new record. Geniuses in motion! We got together for lunch at Jack Daniel’s afterwards. We then went back to our rooms to freshen up and get dressed in our suits for the VIP Walk Through at 5:00 PM.  Check out those beautiful smiles: Kate, Mario, David, Anatoly, and Cary in the Cowboy hat.

Mario & Scott helped with the booth assignment. We all took turns to man the booth and attend the learning sessions. Mike, Jay, Mario, and Kate teared down the booth on Wednesday, 6/17.

The IMC was a great success. Thanks to DOE CIOs for hosting such a wonderful event and providing us the opportunities to learn and grow. One of our Core Values is “Make our Customer and Each Other Successful”. The IMC is a true testament to that. It does take a team to get things done.