February 12, 2015

Written by Nate A.

NetApp Config Advisor is a tool used to validate an existing NetApp configuration.  It can also validate configurations for a FlexPod including the Cisco components.  The latest release, version 4.1.1​ is now available.

The following text is taken from the product support info.

Config Advisor 4.1 – New Features

Config Advisor 4.1 has the following new features:


  1. Clustered DATA ONTAP 8.3.0 support
  2. New Plugin – Metro Cluster in clustered DATA ONTAP
  3. FAS8000 support in all FlexPod SAN Boot Architectures except ‘Classic FCP to Storage Controller’
  4. Plugin Profile Support for MetroCluster in clustered Data ONTAP


Config Advisor 4.1 – Enhancements
The following changes have been made to Config Advisor 4.1:
  1. Disk Overview table enhanced to show latest Disk Models on par with Support site
  2. AutoSupport (from file) tab enhanced to show appropriate error message when duplicate file name added
  3. ‘Management Switch RCF check’ enhanced to ignore quotes in ISL port-channel name
Config Advisor 4.1 – Bug fixes
The following bugs have been fixed in Config Advisor 4.1:
  1. OpenSSL upgrade to to fix security issues
  2. PDF report cell values overlap for large text is fixed
  3. Config Advisor task runs in task-manager after the closing of UI is fixed
  4. ‘Volume Info tab’ fixed for duplicate volume details shown when some DATA ONTAP version shows differently indented command output
  5. ‘HA configuration checks’ is fixed for parse errors in option mismatch when comments found in ‘Options’ command output
  6. ‘FlexPod Nexus 7000 Switch UCS FCoE uplink check’ fixed to fail when different vSAN ids found
  7. ‘SAS cabling checks’, ‘Cluster Node Port Roles’ and ‘FlexPod Nexus 7000 Switch UCS FCoE uplink check’ enhanced to fix a rare ‘None Type’ exception
  8. ‘Cluster Switch RCF check’ for CN16xx showing incorrect error ‘interface missing’ due to parser failure fixed
  9. Number of external shelves supported for FAS25xx fixed
* For known issues in Config Advisor 4.1 refer to the Release Notes contained in the install directory.