December 13, 2018

ActioNet is SalesForce Program Level Silver

By Troy K.

ActioNet recently received Silver status in the Salesforce Consulting Partner Program. The elevation in partnership status is due to several factors, but the key driver remains the 130+ implementations our team has successfully delivered. Our customer success is underpinned by our commitment to excellence and investment in human capital. Here at ActioNet, we’ve made it our priority to motivate and encourage ActioNeters to invest time in their own career trajectory. This level of focus led to the creation of the “Salesforce Summit”, which is a wall of achievements that showcases and promotes learning throughout our company. Openly displaying active certifications and Salesforce Trailhead progress in a leader board format has gamified the Salesforce learning experience and created a healthy competitive environment and camaraderie among the team. With that said, individual dedication and commitment to personal excellence make all the difference as our core foundation. ActioNeters are up-to-date on the latest Salesforce capabilities and providing our customers with the most innovative solutions available. With ActioNet’s increase in customer success and expertise, Salesforce has recognized our contributions towards the Salesforce Consulting Partner Program and subsequently elevated ActioNet to “Silver” status. We will continue our climb to the next summit, Gold!

ActioNet's Salesforce Summit Wall encourages employees to further their Salesforce certifications and was integral to the Salesforce Consulting Partner Status