February 26, 2020

The award-winning ActioNet PSOPPC-NPSD team


By Tomas M.

At the recent ActioNet Winter Party and 22nd Anniversary Celebration, the PSOPPC-NPSD Health Services Business Unit team was presented with the Annual ActioNet Team Achievement Award.  The Team Achievement Award is presented to the ActioNet team that has provided excellent service to the customer in the last year. The team delivered an innovative collaboration solution to help address the Opioid Crisis for the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ).

The Patient Safety Organization (PSO) Privacy Protection Center (PPC) & Network of Patient Safety Databases (NPSD) supports the Health and Human Services’ (HHS) AHRQ.

The PSOPPC was created to implement the Patient Safety Act of 2005. The Patient Safety Act extends legal privilege and confidentiality protections to health care providers who voluntarily submit patient safety concern information to PSOs. The PSOs assist health care providers in developing and implementing patient safety improvement strategies. The Patient Safety Act also authorized the creation of a National Learning System via the NPSD. The NPSD receives non-identifiable information regarding patient safety concerns and performs analysis on the aggregated data.

PSOPPC-NPSD Award 2020
The Achievement Award Trophy Awarded to the PSOPPC NPSD Team for their work on their Salesforce Solution

The Opioid Crisis presents significant patient safety concerns as highlighted by numbers from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) which shows that drug overdoses killed about 70,000 Americans in for the 12-months ending on June 2019. The overdose deaths are higher than deaths from HIV, car crashes or gun violence.

As part of AHRQ’s response to the current national Opioid Crisis, AHRQ requested our team develop a shared folder on the PSOPPC website – to encourage the PSOs to step outside their organizational silos, and to share resources, challenges, and solutions on opioid related topics

In line with ActioNet’s standard of going above and beyond, the PSOPPC-NPSD team provided a solution that enabled more than what the customer asked for. The PSOPPC leveraged the Salesforce platform to develop the Opioid Collaboration Site that provides PSOs with a community space where users can:

  • Share files
  • Collaborate and engage directly with one another
  • Use a secure Enterprise Social Media solution

The team was challenged with this stretch assignment to integrate three systems; the PSOPPC site, Okta and Salesforce (which was a new technology for the team).  The team provided a seamless Single-Sign-On (SSO) solution that integrated authentication across the three systems. The team also implemented the Opioid Collaboration Community, which was the first Salesforce Community built using Salesforce ‘Lightning’ and Okta SSO.

The collaboration site has been posting weekly links to articles on PSO operations, incident management and best practices for addressing the Opioid Crisis.  Users are responding to posts and working with other PSOs through questions, polls and directly messaging each other.

And how did the customers react to the collaboration community? Feedback from attendees to the PSOPPC 2019 Annual Meeting Survey gives you a hint:

“I love that you all took feedback from last year and implemented solutions like this PSO collaboration community! Yay!”

“AWESOME!!!! Far exceeded expectations. Can’t wait to use!”

“Has a lot of potential and would be a great place to find resources.”

The team’s effort to commit to the customers’ and each other’s success, shows how the PSOPPC-NPSD took a simple request and delivered excellence for our customer and is assisting to solve the Opioid Crisis.