March 21, 2017

By Andy P.


St. Patrick’s Day is one of my favorite holidays, mainly because of nostalgia. Whenever I think of St. Patrick’s day it reminds me of the great times back in my hometown in New Jersey, when many of our friends and families would gather for a night of games, music, and celebration each year. As musicians, my best friend and I would provide the musical entertainment for all of the guests. We would play many classic Irish songs (My personal favorite is “Whiskey in the Jar”) as well as some of our more popular covers and original songs. Always around this time of year, I reminisce about those great times laughing and singing with friends, all with fresh optimism, knowing that spring is on the horizon.


Recently, I moved to the Washington, DC area and although I absolutely love my new location, I do miss those times with friends in the town where I grew up. After becoming an employee at ActioNet in January of 2016, I have really enjoyed our annual St. Patrick’s get-together every March. Once again, I can enjoy a gathering of friends in the spirit of the holiday. With everyone laughing, wearing green, and enjoying some green cake, I can once again feel the excitement and fun of St. Patrick’s Day as I have done my entire life. At ActioNet, I feel as if I have found some great new friends to enjoy these moments with for many years to come.

Playing Music on St. Patrick’s Day 2010 (Andy P. on the right)


Some Pictures From the March 2017 Employee Birthday and St Patrick’s Day Celebration: