April 23, 2020

Woman celebrates take your child to work day from home

By Lina J.

Take your Kids to Work Day was created in 1993 in New York City by Gloria Steinem and the MS Foundation for Women. This national day was originally called “Take Our Daughters to Work Day” and is celebrated each year on the fourth Thursday of April.

According to National Women’s History Museum, Take Our Daughters to Work Day was “created to help show girls that being smart was something to be proud of, not something to hide, and that their ideas could be heard and had value. By providing girls with real-life adult role models in various professions, the program sought to show girls that gender was not a prohibitive factor to their desired profession.”  In 2003 it was expanded to include boys and was renamed to “Take Our Children to Work Day.”

This annual event is an educational program where parents take their children to work one day. The day is intended to motivate children to see different interests like Finance, Engineer or HR while spending the day with Mom or Dad. It gives the kids a preview into the working world. They are exposed to see the different roles required to start a business or to build a project.

Due to the current health concerns, the majority of ActioNet employees are teleworking. For that reason, this year ActioNet is celebrating “Take Your Kids to Work Day from home.”  We are asking our ActioNeters to send us a video or pictures of them working with their kids at home.  At ActioNet, we ALL work hard and play hard!

ActioNet is happy to carry on the tradition of fostering our children’s growth in the field of information technology.  Today’s children are tomorrow’s developers and engineers, and we are dedicated to making them the best IT professionals they can be.

Mengie and his daughter celebrate Bring your kids to Work Day from Home
ActioNeter Janelle Brings her Daughter to Work, showing her the ropes of design
ActioNeter Maricar Brings her Son to Work
Bring your child to work day flyer