November 10, 2016

In honor of this year’s Veteran’s Day, I’d like to first thank all my fellow ActioNet Veterans and all Veterans around the world for their service. To all ActioNet Management and Co-workers, thank you for your unwavering support!

As a proud retired Veteran I could not have been provided a better opportunity after 20 years of service than to be a part of the ActioNet Team. I joined ActioNet August 2010 and without a great mentor and excellent company leadership I would not have grown into the wonderful position I have today. The Air Force Core values I learned, “Integrity, Service before Self and Excellence in All We do”, resonates throughout ActioNet as well so transitioning from service to civilian was just a change of clothes.

When I decided to retire, I was terrified of what my life as a veteran would bring. I joined the military at an early age. I had my 18th birthday at my first duty station in Lubbock, Texas! I remember writing and presenting the following poem for my retirement ceremony:


I always knew this day would come, am I really ready?

Decisions and delusions have made my mind unsteady

New journey I’ve come upon, new path, new love, new world

But remembering the old is a more comforting mural

For the picture I have drawn over a thousand times

Is scary but provoking for my ever changing mind

Civilian life is there, right within my reach

Letting go of all I know seems a security breach


Decision is made not turning back, looking towards the future

Something new, something grand, a big FOREVER adventure

Into a place I knew once before

Living behind my mother’s door

It has now come

Twenty years down to this

No “at ease” No “at arms” No “you’re dismissed….”

So I say to you, Mother Air Force, you have raised me well

Integrity, Service Before Self and Excellence in all we Do

Are the Core Values I will cherish and forever take from you….

The Military family was all I knew and now I thank ActioNet for the chance I was provided to be a part of a great Team!

Veteran’s Day is a day of “thank you” and remembrance! This Veteran’s Day may all my Veteran brothers and sisters celebrate wherever they are their selflessness to service and well done for the sacrifices they’ve made to keep our country safe!

ActioNet Employee Tamika C.

ActioNet Employee Tamika C.