January 1, 2004

Fairfax, VA

ActioNet, Inc. announced today that it has launched iMakeSurveys.com, a web-based tool for designing surveys and collecting and analyzing responses. It makes the entire survey process more efficient, cost-effective and straightforward utilizing an intuitive web-based interface. Excess paper form handling, additional data entry and processing are greatly reduced. The survey maker is able to design surveys in a few easy steps, collect data online and obtain custom reports on the responses in real-time.

ActioNet’s President, Ashley W. Chen, initiated this product based on a common identified need to collect, analyze and report on information related to customer service, program effectiveness and outreach activities. Chen said, “All of us provide a product and/or a service to customers in some way, shape or form and we need a way to measure our effectiveness for future process improvements”.

Electronic Survey Benefits

The iMakeSurveys.com tool provides many benefits in terms of cost, time and security:

  • Minimal technical requirements for using IMakeSurveys.com. There are no downloads or special requirements. For survey makers, only a recent Web browser (Internet Explorer version 5.x recommended) with cookies and JavaScript enabled is needed.
  • Preview functions to allow a question, a single page or the entire survey to be previewed.
  • Copy functions to allow an entire existing survey, or a question or the answer or sub-question for a question to be copied and modified to make a new one.
  • Easy step-by-step wizard and online help.
  • Address management tool to quickly send out survey invitations.
  • Customized reports and summaries, up-to-the minute real-time survey feedback just several clicks away.

About ActioNet, Inc.

ActioNet, Inc., headquartered in Fairfax, Virginia, is SEI CMM Level 3 Certified and is a leading information technology services provider specializing in Software Development, Systems Integration, Training and IT Security.

ActioNet, Inc. was founded by Ashley W. Chen in 1998 with the vision of “helping customers align their IT strategies with their business goals”. ActioNet has maintained a corporate philosophy of:
Building long-term relationships with clients by providing the highest quality services.
Encouraging employee learning and self-improvement, giving each dedicated employee the chance to grow with ActioNet.

Keeping ActioNet’s standards high through teamwork and commitment to quality.
We help our customers improve their business processes in support of their missions and to maximize their investments in both people and technology.


Ashley W. Chen, ActioNet, Inc., 703-204-0090 Ext. 108, achen@actionet.com.