Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why would I want to work for ActioNet?

  2. What type of business is ActioNet?

  3. What business does ActioNet attain?

  4. Where does the company see itself going?

  5. What is the culture at ActioNet?

  6. Where are your offices located?

  7. What is the promotion potential?

  8. Do you provide Internship Opportunities?

  9. When was ActioNet founded?

  10. How do I apply?

Why would I want to work for ActioNet?

  • Our company is experiencing major growth!
  • We offer challenging work
  • Career opportunities in a growing business
  • The drive/enthusiasm of a smaller company
  • Flexible work hours
  • Multi-cultural environment
  • ActioNet has received perfect past performance ratings from Dun & Bradstreet and our growth has continually been documented on the Virginia‚Äôs Fantastic 50 and Deloitte and Touche Technology Fast 50 - Virginia Region.
  • ActioNet has successfully demonstrated our efforts to be the best. In 2005, ActioNet earned SEI CMMI®SE/SW Level 3 certification in under 9 months and we are now CMMI®-DEV Level 3, ISO 2000, 27000 and 9001:2008, and ITIL certified.

There is no end to the efforts and success of ActioNet and its employees. ActioNet has achieved these great strides through the combined efforts of its entire staff. With ActioNet, your career has endless possibilities.


What type of business is ActioNet?

ActioNet is a privately held, minority-woman-owned business. Read more about us.


What business is ActioNet in?

We are an IT company. The majority of our work is government contracting; however we have a small percentage of commercial work. View a list of our clients.


Where does the company see itself going?

ActioNet has distinguished itself as one of the fastest growing companies in the United States. Our remarkable growth of over 4400 percent is due to the perseverance and commitment of every ActioNet employee. We continue to strive to grow our people, our business, and our clients, while retaining our current customers. According to our President, "our goal is not to be one of the rest, but to be the best!"


What is the culture?

ActioNet has created a culture that fosters excellence amongst its management staff and employees. The company rewards its employees for their outstanding performance through our recognition, reward, and incentive plan, promotions, and the annual holiday party and picnic.

ActioNet, Inc. is a young company that thrives on innovative and open thinking. Our goal is to continually strive towards process improvement. No idea is too small to be considered for implementation. ActioNet's staff is highly motivated, highly educated, and open to new ideas. Our team strives for business and personal success, while enjoying day-to-day work activities and colleague interaction.


Where are your offices located?

Our headquarters is located in Vienna, Virginia. However, we have employees that are located throughout the United States. Our employees work onsite at the Federal Aviation Administration, Department of Commerce, Department of Transportation, the Department of Housing and Urban Development, and the Department of Energy to name a few. View more about our locations.


What is the promotion potential?

We strive to promote the employees that have demonstrated superior performance. ActioNet believes in rewarding its employees' professional accomplishments through promotions, rewards, and recognition activities. A large component of our business strategy is to promote from within. ActioNet employs individuals that have started their careers at ActioNet and have now risen to the project manager level!


Do you provide Internship Co-Educational Opportunities?

ActioNet is excited at the prospect of employing young, motivated, and success-driven individuals that are just starting out their careers. We offer these individuals internships and co-educational opportunities. ActioNet believes that our future success lies within the development of young professionals. To this end, ActioNet is interested in employing college students, in the form of a co-educational or internship capacity.

An internship is work experience that a college student acquires during the summer; the scope of the work may or may not relate to the subject of their college study. Internships may occur on a part-time or full-time basis.

Co-educational opportunities involve work experience that a student acquires relating to the subject of their college study. This experience usually consists of two or more college semesters that occur during the academic school year; the student alternates a semester of full-time work with a semester of full-time study or works part-time and attends class part-time.

Internships and Co-ops may earn university credit and be either paid or unpaid. Candidates that seek these opportunities should contact recruiting. Within this email, include a cover letter that states the type of opportunity you seek and your resume .


When was ActioNet created?

ActioNet was created by our President & CEO, Ashley W.Chen, in 1998. She had a "dream to build something great." She was inspired by an enlightening piece written by a traditional Japanese philosopher that stated, "...action without vision is a nightmare, vision without action is only a daydream." Through hard work and persistence, Ms. Chen turned her vision into "action" and her dreams into reality.


How do I apply?

ActioNet is always looking for great people. To learn about careers at ActioNet, you should first review this website to get a feel for who we are, the type of work we do, our working environment, our people and who we employ. You should also visit the careers section of the location where you are interested in working and read the details about the opportunities. If you have an interest in a position, please apply directly on our website. Your application will be sent to one of our recruiters who will review the information and contact you in the near future.


ActioNet Inc. is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer.