April 15, 2016

Written by Dave W.




The ActioNetCloud™ Infrastructure-as-a Service (IaaS) Offering provides our customers with an enhanced Information Technology (IT) capability that lowers costs, improves security and enables collaborative solutions. This IaaS offering is a fully-managed private cloud infrastructure that provides data center facilities, base network, compute, storage capabilities, and specific managed security services consistent with customer requirements. The ActioNetCloud™ Information Technology Modernization strategy leverages VMware’s latest Virtualization Technology to enhance security, expandability and monitoring in order to meet planned and emerging requirements. ActioNetCloud™ supports the deployment of an innovative, intelligent cloud service broker (allowing both a multi-tenant and multi-cloud offering), which is capable of orchestrating Commercial Cloud services for compute, network and storage resources in accordance with customer requirements and security parameters.

The customers for this implementation are Federal Organizations and their component Program Offices, as well as Commercial Customers, who may leverage this capability based to meet their Mission Objectives.

A recent ActioNetCloud™ Implementation was deployed, providing base compute capacity including hardware, monitoring and maintenance, for 200 GB of RAM and 12.5 TB of storage in secure cages at two geographically distributed datacenters to provide initial compute capacity for approximately 100 Virtual Machines (VMs) at each location. This solution also provides on-demand scalability for future growth.

The ActioNetCloud™ Services Team, ever striving to achieve the best solutions for our customers, is actively working with our Partners, including ServiceNow, Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS), to integrate their respective capabilities and features as enhancements and additional capabilities to the ActioNetCloud™ environment. Additionally, ActioNet’s close alliance with VMware ensures that our offerings represent the very best that virtualization has to offer. Using the ActioNet Innovation Center (AIC) for both a testbed and proof-of-concept, our experienced ActioNetCloud™ Services Team delivers results from product implementations on multiple Customer Programs. Our ActioNet360™ Cloud-Readiness Assessment Methodology combined with our ActioNetCloud™ Migration Methodology provides a State-of-the-Art, Market-Ready Service Offering for ActioNet’s Customers.