August 20, 2021

Data Center Server Room

By Benjamin P.

ActioNet is continuously innovating processes and using new techniques and technologies to bring efficiency to our customers. When one of our teams found problems with a customer’s DNS and DHCP process, they got to work finding a solution. After searching they decided on Infoblox as a solution for DHCP and DNS centralization. The change brings increased security and efficiency to our clients and teams.

What are DNS and DHCP?

DNS and DHCP are two of the most important services in IT networking. Both protocols enable users to efficiently connect to and communicate with their computer network. 

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) refers to the assigning of IP addresses to machines logging onto an IP Network. DHCP is the standard method for allowing hosts to connect to a network.

Domain Name System (DNS) is a service that will associate an IP address with a fully qualified domain name. In simple terms, DNS converts lengthy number chains into the addresses you are familiar with. Instead of typing to visit your favorite site you can use for example.

Computer Browser showing Google

DNS provides us with domain names like, which are much easier to remember

The Risk of Separate Authoritative DNS

Authoritative DNS refers to the process of requests continually being forwarded until a system with the authority to respond to the request is able to respond and provide the authoritative answer. In most situations, authoritative DNS is business as usual. However, when multiple DNS instances come into play, there are issues that can occur.

At our client site there were both Windows clients and Linux clients using authoritative DNS simultaneously. In some cases, this led to mismatching databases. Customers found their databases included different records for different clients and IP addresses.

As a result, our customers called the integrity of their data into question. A major risk was present with two separate authoritative databases in place that were not being maintained in tandem.

Error message appearing on a computer

Authoritative DNS can be a risk because of mismatching IP address data

Centralizing DHCP and DNS with Infoblox

Infoblox is a solution that integrates everything into a single platform and provides DNS, DHCP, and IP address management services.

This video explains DNS and DHCP concepts as well as the benefits of Infoblox

Infoblox enables users to login to one system and have visibility into all the records as opposed to having two separate systems. With the implementation of this solution, data being out of sync is not a concern and the integrity of the data is preserved.

Additionally, Infoblox’s threat analytics engine actively monitors potential threats both inside and outside the organization. This capability logs and automatically blocks attacks, keeping client’s data safe and secure.

Wrapping Things Up

DNS and DHCP are two essential services in IT networking that enable users to connect to and communicate with their computer network. With solutions like Infoblox in place, ActioNet continues to deliver solutions with high efficiency and security to our customers.

Boost your company’s DHCP and DNS solution with our ActioNet Innovation Center. Our knowledgeable teams will work with you to create and implement the strategy best for your organization.