January 3, 2023

By Eric C.

Our Solution

ActioNet is responsible for design, development, testing, training, release, and operations of over 47 applications on instances hosted on ServiceNow’s FedRAMP High GovCommunityCloud. ActioNet chose the ServiceNow platform because it is a multi-instance cloud infrastructure with high availability and complete data security. This platform enables all tasks, services, assets, people, and locations to be created, processed, viewed, and stored together in a single system.

Applications leverage a common workflow engine to bring together people and automated processes. Work flows seamlessly across all domain areas automating tasks, “consumerizing” the service experience, and helping people work smarter. Applications are internal and external facing and globally accessible.

Low Code Workflow Cloud Based Platform

ServiceNow is a robust and extensible platform that has met customer requirements of supporting complex mission applications and processes. ActioNet utilizes 100s of pre-configured workflows out of the box and custom workflows using Scripting, APIs, Web Services, Process Automation and Flow Designer tools.

Examples of our Federal Government Applications

ActioNet has implemented multiple applications into one platform ranging from IT Service Management, Customer Service Portals; to Employee Performance Management, Purchasing, Safety, CAC Card Clearance, and Weather Radar Operations. Authentication services are integrated with the customer’s Active Directory platform making account management efficient and secure.

Security / Common Access Card (CAC) Tracker

  • Enabled Contracting Officer Representative (COR) to:
    • Draft and submit a CAC Request for new-hire Candidates to complete required  Documentation, E-QIP, Fingerprinting, Background Investigation, Account Creation, Completion of TASS and Receipt of CAC card.
  • Enabled Trusted Agent to:
    • Receive CAC Requests, Review Security Package, Notify COR of Edits, Accept Security Package, and track completion dates for E-QIP, Fingerprinting, Background Investigation, Account Creation, Completion of TASS and Receipt of CAC card.
  • Enabled Contractor Program Manager, Federal Task Manager, and Federal Leadership to:
    • Visibility track, follow-up, take action and forecast Security Clearance and CAC receipt for New Hire Candidates.
  • Enabled New Hire Candidates to:
    • Be notified, receive communications, and report on dates and completion of Security Clearance and CAC receipt.

Our customer’s ServiceNow platform supports over 39,000 users and applications are multi-organizational extending across internal and external entities. Over 370 user groups utilize nearly 600 out of the box and custom roles that include admin, user, reviewer, approver, and fulfiller. ActioNet has migrated thousands of records from legacy systems into the ITSM application.

Performance Appraisals and Workforce Solution

  • Enabled a standard Performance Management application for supervisors and employees on the ServiceNow platform in order to establish, review, approve and update CAPS performance plans; and conduct multiple and end of year performance reviews and appraisals.
  • Streamlined, automated performance appraisals through centralized data, digital approvals and workflows.
  • Saved agency time and resources by minimizing manual steps, paper and email.
  • Improved visibility, status, performance and efficiency through reports and dashboards.
  • Overall, resources can now focus on meaningful performance discussions between supervisors and employees.

Architectural reviews evaluate design recommendations with the goal of providing common solutions, code re-use, and minimizing technical debt. Update set tools share code between other agencies to minimize developing solutions from scratch. ActioNet uses our CMMI Maturity Level 4 development lifecycle to efficiently deliver projects using an iterative and flexible approach. Our certified Project Management Professionals collaborate closely with stakeholders to enable our certified Developers to define, design, configure, and release applications ensuring quality and availability.

Positive Mission Outcomes Resulting from our Solution

Our clients received immediate benefits from our business process re-engineering and digitization solution by eliminating duplicative applications, systems, Email, spreadsheets and manual documents to perform administrative functions within the government organization.

For more information regarding transforming and modernizing your Federal government administrative processes, please contact us at: E-mail: [email protected].