January 21, 2020

Washington, DC

On January 18 as part of our 22nd Anniversary Celebration and Winter Party, ActioNet’s Diversity was front and center with a Cultural Fashion Show where each contestant modeled their outfits, performed cultural dances and addressed the inspiration for their outfits and overall significance.  Our ActioNeters have roots and origins in over 40 countries and nearly every continent around the world with diversity of culture, ways of thinking, cuisine and many other things.  We are all unique in our own way and together we are stronger.

We are often reminded of the journeys and humble beginnings of our ancestors in recent generations that came here with big dreams and created the foundation that all of us continue to benefit from and we proudly carry that torch and hold it high forward into the future.

We are diverse in our backgrounds but united in our Mission and Purpose to be our very best and make a difference for our customers, our fellow ActioNeters and the communities that we serve and live in and help make the world a better and kinder place for the next generation and beyond.

ActioNeter Brandon S. and CEO Ashley C. in their cultural gear for the 2020 winter party
ActioNeter Joe A. at the 2020 Winter Party in Cultural wear

The Contestants of the ActioNet 2020 Cultural Fashion Show:

ActioNeter in the Cultural Fashion Show