ActioNet Supports Local High School Career Day

Albuquerque, NM – November 15, 2017

ActioNet values the next generation of people who will support federal customers.  On the 25th of October, there was a Career Day held at La Cueva High School in Albuquerque, NM.  La Cueva administrators have been hosting the Career Day annually for many years to assist students with exploring careers and networking with professionals in the community.


The ActioNet Team office in Albuquerque sent representation to the Career Day to present career possibilities to the student body and answer any questions the students may have about working for a top-tier technology services company.  I provided my outlook on the event. “Since joining ActioNet, I have had the opportunity to witness the awesome culture and I am excited to share it with La Cueva students! Whether through involvement with professional organizations or community outreach, ActioNet is very passionate about giving back to communities and helping others achieve their dreams.” ActioNet supports many federal customers, including the Department of Energy in Albuquerque.  Students had the opportunity to speak with ActioNet employees about what disciplines to pursue in college, trends in the federal contract space, and what it takes to become an ActioNeter. La Cueva High School counselor Megan Goodman said the following about the Career Day: “We believe that having students explore careers while in high school is a critical component of being college and career-ready upon graduation. This event allows us to help students explore careers during the school day and start networking with professionals in the community.”


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Actionet Visits High School Career Day