ActioNet understands we have a corporate responsibility to efficiently and effectively deliver value to our customers while supporting the environment.  We encourage and support our employees participation in green initiatives.  From recycling at home and the office to commuter benefits for use of public transportation.

  • Facilities – ActioNet leases space from property management companies that understand the importance of environmentally sustainable practices including lighting control, HVAC standards and other energy conservation actions.
  • Information Technology – ActioNet donates used monitors, laptops and other devices to local schools to be repurposed.  When an item is obsolete and repurposing is not an option we ensure all devices are properly recycled.
  • Waste Reduction – ActioNet uses electronic document shares to reduce the number of paper documents required to support our mission. We also provide recycling stations at each of our offices.
  • Employee Travel and Commuting – We encourage our employees to use public transportation whenever possible by providing commuter benefits and job sites that are easily accessible by public transportation. 

We pledge to seek improvements to reduce our direct and indirect environmental emissions footprint and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 15% no later than 2025.

2019 Baseline

Emission SourceCO2-e (Metric Tons)
Scope 1 (Vehicle Gasoline):1
Scope 2 (Electricity & Natural Gas):83


Emission SourceCO2-e (Metric Tons)
Scope 1 (Vehicle Gasoline):2
Scope 2 (Electricity & Natural Gas):34


Emission SourceCO2-e (Metric Tons)
Scope 1 (Vehicle Gasoline):3
Scope 2 (Electricity & Natural Gas):0