As Diversity Manager, Ms. Barnes:

  • Develops and shapes ongoing diversity and inclusion ideas, events, and activities to present to committee members for discussion
  • Facilitate the completion of committee projects
  • Responsible for advising company leadership on the company’s diversity and inclusion needs and progress of initiatives
  • Provides implementation plans to execute each initiative

Ms. Barnes began her career in the Federal Government where she was selected into a leadership program that afforded her the opportunity to shadow in the intelligence community and travel abroad. She has since gained over 40 years of experience in the Government and commercial industries and has subject matter training relating to harassment, diversity, ethics, culture, and code of conduct.

She holds an Associates of Business Administration, she is focused on cultivating a diverse and inclusive work environment where everyone is afforded an opportunity to add value and contribute, by upholding ActioNet’s Core Values of integrity, respect, diversity, and commitment to success, while supporting the Nation’s most critical missions.  We celebrate and respect each other’s differences, knowing we all play a role in the success and well-being of our company, our clients, our community, and each other.