June 8, 2016

Written by Matthew S.

The Blood Bank of Hawaii’s mission is “… to provide a safe and adequate supply of blood, blood products and related transfusion services to the patients of our state.”

When working for ActioNet, you will find out very quickly how important it is to be involved in the local community. To round out the month of May, ActioNet team members from the Global Operations Business Unit in Hawaii took the time to donate blood to the Blood Bank of Hawaii (BBH) so that the BBH can provide it to someone else that really needs it.

ActioNet Donates blood to blood bank in Hawaii

ActioNeters at the BBH Bloodmobile (Sue J., Cody M. and Kerry Y.)

The BBH provides lifesaving blood products to 17 civilian hospitals statewide with two main centers where donations are taken along with two bloodmobiles that travel to many communities across Oahu. The Blood Bank of Hawaii has assisted in saving lives for many years and it is a great honor for us at ActioNet to be able to contribute to such an important organization.

ActioNeters Donate to Blood Bank of Hawaii

(L to R: Kerry Y., Gerald G., Matthew S., Don A., Sue J.)

Donating blood is a small gesture compared to the miracles that it can provide. To know more about the Blood Bank of Hawaii or if you are interested in donating blood, you can find more information on how to do so online at www.bbh.org.

“A single pint can save three lives. A single gesture can create a million smiles.”

-Quote Author Unknown-