July 31, 2018

ActioNet Sponsored National Marbles Tournament Players in Newspaper Clipping

Newspaper Clipping Featuring the ActioNet Sponsored Marble Players after the 2018 National Marbles Competition

By Stephen H.

Stephen H, a long term ActioNeter for over 14 years, has a sharp shooting son name Bradley. For the second year in a row, Bradley was invited to the national marbles tournament in Wildwood, New Jersey, and ActioNet was proud to sponsor his club.

The National Marbles Tournament is a week-long competition between kids ages 7 to 14 from all over the United States. Boys and girls travel to New Jersey from Michigan, Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, Washington State, and many other places to show off their skills and compete to be the annual king and queen of marbles. The National Marbles Tournament, now in their 95th year, aims to promote good sportsmanship and a strong sense of community.

Stephen’s son placed second overall against 26 other boys in the 7 to 14 age range. His teammate, Grace, placed 11th in the girl’s division. Bradley also won the Stick trophy, which is awarded to the player who plays the most perfect games. A perfect game is when a player knocks out 7 marbles on their first turn, winning the game.

ActioNet is proud to partner with our employees and their passions both inside and outside of work.