May 22, 2017

By Joshua Z.

The ActioNet team working at the Montgomery, AL location has thrown down a ‘Biggest Loser’ weight loss challenge to its members, and multiple people have taken up the challenge.  Beside seven ActioNet personnel trying to lose weight, joining the group are two sub-contract and one client representative.  Over the course of the next three months, each participant will do their best to lose weight, with updates being tracked on a weekly basis.  Participants are also sure that attempts to sabotage each other’s efforts (like free Krispy Kreme Donuts mysteriously showing up on a desk…) will simply not occur, leading to an exciting finale at the end where the three top ‘Biggest Losers’, determined by weight percentage dropped, will win prizes based upon the donated prize pool.  Whether they win a prize or not though, everyone will be victorious as they make adjustments to their daily lives.  In the end, they will be healthier and more energetic both at work and at home – the true goal behind this challenge.

During the first three weeks of this journey, 19.2 pounds were lost collectively for the team.  Some have hit their first wall and others are finding ways to continue with their earlier success.  At the end of April, the team is down a combined 30.2 pounds, and there’s no lack of motivation, or competitiveness, in their desire to ‘lose.”  Work Hard, Play hard and Live Healthy –  Good luck team!