March 14, 2022

By Kate R.

ActioNet Customer Experience (ACX)™ means viewing the delivery of our various services and support through the lens of a user’s experience. ActioNet is committed to CX and has embedded CX practices not only via the services and support we provide to our valued clients, but also by ensuring that ACX is embraced internally through enthusiastic Executive sponsorship and adoption, by investing in the certification and training of ActioNet employees in advanced CX capabilities, and through company-wide training and initiatives to embed CX in everything that we do.

So how have we implemented ACX for our clients? Read on for a few case studies on the impact of ACX for our customers …

For one of our large federal agency clients, ActioNet led the eff ort to identify and classify end users based on how they utilize their work technologies and devices. Utilizing CX research techniques such as benchmarking, cognitive walkthroughs, contextual inquiry, interviews, surveys, call logs, KPI tracking, and participatory design/co-creation, ActioNet CX-certified professionals improved processes to deliver more accurate and meaningful performance measures. We also developed and cataloged dozens of customer journey maps to improve customer onboarding/off boarding processes, Service Desk access methods, the User Service Request process, to develop new and enhance existing Service Catalog offerings, and implemented the agency’s self-help portal using Robotic Process Automation.

For another highly visible program, ActioNet worked with our clients and the agency workforce collaboratively to create customer journey maps and personas to classify users and to learn about issues they experienced when applying for a federal clearance. This CX exercise led to the development of an updated, intuitive user interface that provides auto-fill features, making it easier to complete information and pre-populating features with previous information for re-investigations.

The power of ActioNet Customer Experience (ACX) capabilities was engaged for another large federal customer when ActioNet used CX research tools and techniques to deliver a Service Desk Balanced Scorecard utilizing an interpolation calculation to aggregate meaningful SLAs based on user feedback. These new SLAs reflected qualitative and quantitative customer experience data to provide an overarching Service Desk Health score baseline. This monthly score was utilized as an input for continuous, agile IT capability development for the agency’s workforce in the planning stages for technology and service infusions. The result? ActioNet led and delivered multiple modernization efforts, enabling this large federal agency’s workforce to work with speed, ease, and via reliable and secure connections such as:

  • Secure Mobility and Remote Access Enhancements implementation which modernized the agency’s ability to securely exchange information via the desktop and through mobile clients (Apple, Android, etc.).
  • Unified Communications/Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) implementation which addressed the agency’s need to strengthen communication capabilities across the enterprise to effectively meet emerging national and global emergency events.
  • HQ Network Refresh implementation which addressed an outdated LAN infrastructure that lacked capacity scalability, addressing degraded performance for end users across the enterprise.
  • Cloud Service Provider Secure Interconnectivity implementation which provided the ability to establish secure connectivity to cloud service provider (CSP) networks to leverage Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offerings.

ActioNet is invested in improving our customer’s experience with our services and solutions. This focus, coupled with our focus on converging our Internet of Things (IOT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities into our core processes, allow ActioNeters to continuously get smarter in near real time to continuously tailor rapid solutions that provide consistent and exceptional customer experiences.