July 31, 2019

ActioNet Health Services Supports Baltimore County Public School Teachers

By Dave C

As an IT Professional services provider with client facing offices located in various regions of the United States, we sometimes address an abundance of ‘gently’ used / partially used office supplies. So what does one do with an abundance of such supplies? ActioNet Health Services Business Unit (HSBU) located in Baltimore knows! Donate the supplies to the Exchangeree. The Exchangeree was created by the Education Foundation of Baltimore County Public Schools for its teachers throughout the district to obtain much needed schools supplies for their students. The ActioNet team assembled binders, staplers, tape dispensers, pens, pencils, pads of paper and other assorted miscellaneous office supplies and delivered these to the Exchangeree. On this particular day, we were all surprised to be met by Deborah Phelps, former Baltimore County school principal and head of the Exchangeree, whose son Michael also supports this effort through his foundation. For those of you who are not local or may not remember, Michael Phelps is the most decorated Olympian of all time, winner of 28 medals, 23 of which are Gold.

The Exchangeree was tremendously excited and grateful for the large ActioNet donation which will benefit our local teachers and schoolchildren in the Baltimore County area, building ties with our community.