November 13, 2018

Annie and her team worked together to create their entry, titled “Santa’s DEDM Dev Workshop”

By Annie L

Here at ActioNet we love getting our staff involved in team building activities, during the holiday season ActioNeters across the country start their festivities with holiday themed doors, cubicles and entry ways.

Our team in particular supports 24/7 mission critical initiatives, so this year’s theme is modeled to be Santa’s DEDM Workshop. With a backdrop of a red roofed building with candy striped pillars, covered in glittery snowflakes, a colorful Christmas tree and decorative wreath. To top it off we have a flurry of worker elves, reindeer, a snowman and Santa Claus all ornamented with photos of our developers and test engineers. It was a great opportunity for us to recognize and showcase everyone on the team for all they have done to help people travel with their visas and passports around the world.

The best part for all of this is having a friendly competition in the workplace to win exciting prizes. This year’s 1st place team award receives a $400 Restaurant Gift Card to celebrate!

Can’t wait to see everyone’s decorations and this year’s winners!

Stay tuned for photos of all entries!