October 31, 2022

By Eric C.

The ActioNet Innovation Center is pleased to announce the upcoming release of ActioNow, a service portal that utilizes the ServiceNow cloud platform.

Innovation and Continuous Improvement

The upcoming launch of ActioNow is just one example that shows ActioNet’s dedication to developing innovative solutions and continuous process improvement. The ActioNow service portal will enhance employee experience and optimize business processes to give our employees better ways to collaborate and get work done. ActioNet’s team will be transforming legacy processes and systems onto cutting edge cloud platforms using innovative, secure, and cloud ready ServiceNow workflows and integrations.

ActioNet Innovation v2

Capabilities of ActioNow Service Portal

The ActioNow service portal will enable employees to request IT services, report issues, and search the knowledge base for frequently asked questions and how-to articles. Once a request is submitted, employees will be able to see the real-time status of their request. Users can also continue to submit an email that will automatically create and assign a ticket for an IT incident or request. The ActioNow platform utilizes automated workflows to streamline creation, assignment, notification, and completion of requests, incidents, and problems.

Future Enhancements

ActioNet plans to modernize the functions of additional ActioNet Service Organizations which will provide employees with innovative methods to work across teams and organizations.

For more information on how ActioNet can help you implement and boost your ServiceNow solutions, reach out to the ActioNet Innovation Center. Our knowledgeable teams will work with you to create and implement the best strategy for your organization.