October 15, 2020

Woman holding a breast cancer awareness ribbon

By Michelle B.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is an internationally recognized campaign to increase the attention of the disease and support finding a cure. Many businesses and organizations take the month to sport pink, discuss early detection, and raise money for research.

At ActioNet we celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month every October. We are proud to wear pink, discuss detection, and promote awareness annually. Many employees have found our events insightful and helpful, but this year we decided to increase our initiatives.

This October we will be hosting two separate ways for employees to bring awareness. First, we will be encouraging employees to submit testimonials. Employees can also creatively contribute by participating in our pink pumpkin contest.

Breast Cancer Awareness Testimonials

ActioNet began celebrating Breast Cancer Awareness Month several years ago following the news of its impact on several of our employees. To support them and their families we allowed them to share their experiences with the company.

This year we are taking the practice online and putting a personal face to it. Employees are encouraged to record a 3-minute video testimonial speaking on their experience. Testimonies can be personal or that of a family member, co-worker, or friend that has been affected. Michelle shares more details in our video:

Pink Pumpkin Contest

Not everyone will be able to submit a testimonial, but we know many will be interested in bringing awareness. We are opening that opportunity with our Pink Pumpkin Contest.

To enter the contest an employee needs to release their creative side! Entrants will submit a decorative pumpkin with a splash of pink. These pumpkins will be put on display in our HQ reception area for all to see. At the end of the month the pumpkins will be judged, and winners will be announced company-wide.

Continued Awareness

We are excited to extend our awareness campaigns farther than ever before. Employees worldwide will be able to share and watch testimonies from their fellow ActioNeters. Visitors to our HQ office will be met with a display of pink, starting a conversation on awareness.

We will continue to celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month annually. We hope you can help us by spreading information and participating in local breast cancer awareness efforts.

Breast Cancer Pink Pumpkin Flyer