July 27, 2017

By Paul H.


Paul began his affiliation with ActioNet in November 2015 at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio, TX. He felt fortunate to join a good team of professionals within a “learning environment.”

Paul was also impressed with the Medical benefit that his new company offered. At a previous position, sitting/standing desks had been approved for several Government employees but not contractors. Through personal research, seeing the desks in use first hand, and at the recommendation of his doctor, Paul contacted ActioNet’s HR Department to determine whether this type of request would be covered. They guided him through the process of completing an ADA (American with Disability Act) form and Paul received approval to make the purchase. This enabled Paul to leverage a way of working to help alleviate his neck and back pain.

Paul served in the United States Army for more than a decade as a Radar operator in Field Artillery and then as a Russian Linguist. He transitioned into the IT field over six years ago, filling roles in the Call Center for the Air Force, 24/7 Base Support Operations, Desktop Support Technician, and Wireless Networking. Paul has always been a computer nerd at heart even before he owned one. He was curious about how computers work, how to fix them, and get them to do cool stuff – this strong desire continues to provide motivation in his current profession.


Standing desk in the lower position

Paul next to the standing desk in the raised position.