October 16, 2020

ActioNeters Exercise from Home

By Dee C.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought a myriad of changes, but one of the most surprising was to our exercise routines. Many of us found that our local gyms and parks were closed before we were eventually issued state stay-at-home orders. ActioNeters found it difficult to stay fit from home without access to their usual equipment or locations.

This is where our ActioNeters got together and began filming their home exercise routines to share with their fellow employees. Some included their tips for a healthy diet and small exercises to break up the workday. Others gave tips on how to accomplish outdoor activities while social distancing.

While many places of business have opened, many Americans still find themselves working from home. If you find yourself in the same situation you can peruse the fitness tips from our amazing ActioNeters!

Staying Healthy While Working at Home

Healthy Eating

It might be tempting to snack while working from home but eating healthy is more important now than ever. While working from home we are not walking and moving as much as we were before. That means choosing soda over water or chips over a vegetable plate has much more impact!

Woman has a healthy high protein snack while working

Choosing snacks with fruits, veggies, and healthy proteins are ideal while working from home

Staying Fit while Working

It is the little changes that make a difference while working from home. You can find little ways to stay fit even if you are stuck at your desk all day.

Good posture is essential to the maintenance of a healthy and pain-free body. If you are working from home and unable to get away from your desk, keeping good posture is a great way to keep fit. Keeping your back straight, shoulders back, neck straight, and legs at a 90-degree angle will help blood flow while you sit.

Finding ways to sneak in exercise is also helpful. Walking is a great way to add some movement to your day. If you have a phone meeting, there is no need to stay still. You can walk around your room, apartment, or home while still participating in your non-video meetings. Exercise bikes can also be used during video meetings so long as you keep it professional.

Woman stands up while on a phone meeting

If you are too busy to exercise during the workday, try walking or standing while in phone meetings

Keeping Fit after Work

Some of our ActioNeters are especially busy helping customers and cannot find time to exercise throughout the workday. That did not keep them from maintaining their exercise routines and sharing them with us!

Many ActioNeters keep a rotational exercise routine while at home. Periodically throughout their evening they will perform small sets of squats, arm curls, cardio, and other exercises. They might do a set on a time rotation, like every 15 minutes, or when they found down time, like during commercial breaks.

Other ActioNeters take their exercise routines outside while socially distancing. Running, using exercise ropes, and taking dogs for walks are all great ways to safely exercise during COVID.

Woman Exercises on beach

Dedicated exercise after work is a great way to stay fit—just be sure to socially distance while exercising outside!

The Future of Fitness

It is still uncertain when life will return to normal. In times of uncertainty it is important that we come together as a country to support each other. At ActioNet we are proud to foster an environment where employees always help support their community and fellow ActioNeters. Join our community by putting our fitness tips to the test while you continue working or studying from home.