September 29, 2015

Written by Michelle B.

Neil Young wrote the song in 1971 titled “Heart of Gold” with lyrics starting with “I’m Living, I’m giving, I’m searching for a Heart of Gold”.  In Fall 2015, ActioNet, Inc. is sponsoring a “Heart of Gold” food drive competition collecting non-perishable food items through October 22, 2015, to help fill the shelves at the Arlington Food Assistance Center (AFAC).  Currently, there are 8 teams registered in the competition, and with team names like “Show Me Your CANS”, “We CAN Do It” and “CANUCOPIA”, we have the making of a fierce competition to claim the title for the Heart of Gold.   As of October 8th, we have collected over 802 food items. ActioNeters work hard, play hard, live healthy, and have Hearts of Gold!!!

To register as a team or an individual, please contact [email protected] or 703-204-0090 x102 by October 10, 2015.