April 22, 2022

By Ashley C.

It has been over 2 years since the last in-person conference. Aloha and welcome back to TechNet Indo-Pacific Spring 2022, the largest event of its kind in the Indo-Pacific Rim.

The room was packed, the conference was full of life and excitement after two years of being postponed due to COVID. We are at our very best when we are able to connect and bond with each other. COVID changed How we Live & Work, but it does NOT change Who we are and the strength of the Human Spirit. We can accomplish anything if we Be Kind and support each other.  

It was great to see our Ohana including some old friends, meeting new friends and being part of the community. It was an honor to meet with Mel Yokoyama, the Founder & CEO of Akamai Intelligence, a retired NAVY Captain (O-6) and Native Hawaiian. We are excited about the partnership, sharing the Akamai (Wisdom) and doing great things together. The Journey of Turning Vision into Action continues, and the Best is yet to Come!