July 10, 2017

By Greg S.


Sometimes it’s easy to get lost in the day-to-day grind when you’re focused on your important, but smaller piece of the big picture. Understanding the importance of your role, and your contributions to the team, can help keep your focus when understanding how all the pieces fit together to form the big picture. Everyone has a role to play in accomplishing the mission and nobody’s role is less important than another.

So, what happens when you’re an integral member of an extremely large team comprised of many agencies where one can easily fade into the background and lose sight of the big picture? Well, you focus on your area of expertise while understanding how it contributes to the bigger picture to help that multi-agency team turn their vision into action.

That’s exactly what ActioNet’s own Erika N. did last year. A member of the IC Europe Migration Crisis Team, she was recently awarded the National Intelligence Meritorious Unit Citation (NIMUC) during the 2016 National Intelligence Community Awards Ceremony. The award was issued to the Europe Migration Crisis Team in recognition of distinguished service and exceptional contributions to the Intelligence Community.

The team contributed to the IC by successfully delivering outstanding analysis to senior customers under tight deadlines and rapidly changing conditions. The substantive expertise and tenacious collaboration of a diverse, cross-agency group of officers enabled them to provide a wide-ranging series of products and briefings from tactical status updates at the crisis’s peak to strategic products that considered long-range trends and scenarios.

When you understand your role, and how your contributions connect to the other pieces on the team, the bigger picture becomes clear and you, and the team, can achieve success. Congratulations, Erika!



The National Intelligence Meritorious Unit Citation is awarded as a lapel pin for civilian wear.