April 19, 2021

Vaccine Tracker

By Lina J.

As of today, April 19, COVID-19 vaccinations are open to all US adults. In accordance with ActioNet’s duty to provide and maintain a safe and healthy workplace, we are strongly encouraging employees to receive the vaccination. Doing so minimizes the risk of infectious diseases in our workplace.

To keep our offices safe, ActioNet has developed a COVID-19 Vaccine Tracker. The system works in tandem with our internal-facing COVID-19 portal. Throughout the pandemic employees have been asked to fill in their weekly in-office schedules. This process has kept our employees safe by tracking what individuals are in the office each day and allowing HR to contact anyone potentially exposed to the virus. Now employees are able to voluntarily fill in their vaccine information.

Employees can fill in whether they have received the vaccine. If they have, additional columns can collect data such as brand and vaccination date(s). In efforts of privacy and safety, all entries are visible only to the individual employee and human resources. Most critically, vaccination and vaccine tracker entries are entirely voluntary with no additional questions are asked.

We are using the COVID-19 vaccine tracker to keep our offices safe and healthy. Information from the portal will be used to monitor our overall office health and inform future safety decisions. We encourage all employees to enter their vaccine information into the COVID vaccine tracker via our internal COVID-19 Portal. 

ActioNet always has the safety and health of our employees in mind. Our human resources team is happy to support or answer any questions employees may have. In the meantime, we ask everyone stay safe, stay healthy, and get vaccinated.