June 27, 2018

By Jonathan D.

As a Talent Acquisition Specialist for ActioNet, my job can be incredibly difficult when it comes to convincing talented individuals to come to ActioNet when our competition is vying for the same candidates offering similar benefits and compensation. In more cases than not, I find that most people are open to other opportunities because they are not happy or satisfied in their current position or company. This is when I share with them ActioNet’s differentiator – Our Culture!

My selling point was solidified for me this past week when I had the incredible honor to attend the Washington Post’s Top Workplaces 2018 event on Thursday, June 21st. It was humbling to know that out of the thousands of companies in the D.C metro area 150 were selected, and ActioNet was one of them. I was equally as proud to know that we earned this prestigious award because our employees had a voice in the process. ActioNet had over 50% of its employees who reside and/or work in the DC Metro area respond to the survey in support of the Washington Post Top Workplaces program. The employee’s feedback is what greatly determines the selection and ranking.

The event itself was exciting. Walking around, everyone is congratulating one another for being there and wishing each other good luck on their placements. The room was filled with like-minded professionals that share the same values as we do at ActioNet: integrity, vision, partnership, and overall employee satisfaction.

ActioNeters Lina and Jonathan Celebrate Culture at Washington Post Top Workplaces 2018

ActioNeters Jonathan and Lina at the Washington Post Top Workplaces 2018 Event

To hear ActioNet’s name called during the announcement ceremony gave me a sense of great pride. I sat there, with my head held high, saying “I work there and play a role in encouraging others to work there too!” In addition, to hear that we placed 8th in the “large company” category, up from 12th the previous year, only further illustrates ActioNet’s commitment to its customers and its employees. My job will continue to be challenging but, because of receiving this award, for me, it further validates my selling point to candidates and continues to differentiate us from our competitors.