March 18, 2015

Written by Jonathan D.

ActioNet is an incredible place to be with incredible people in an incredible environment and with incredible opportunities.

From my perspective this is a place where college graduates, like myself, want to end up. After graduating from George Mason University in May 2014, I was looking for places that I could begin contributing my knowledge and my enthusiasm. It was a couple of interviews, a bruised ego, and a few months later that I was introduced to the company. After my initial conversation with the incredibly friendly and informative recruiters I did research on the company like most people would. I researched the industry, the culture, the mission, and overall progress of the company only to find that this was where I wanted to be.

When I was asked to come in for an interview at the Vienna, VA Headquarters, I couldn’t help but be excited. You take the elevator to the 10th floor, walk into the lobby, and you immediately see in big letters, “ActioNet”. During my interview I was excited to answer any questions, and I was ready to show just how much I wanted to be here. After my interview I waited to hear back, and I finally received word that I would be an employee of ActioNet.

Since starting at ActioNet, I have given this position my all. With my hard work and dedication, I have been a recipient of an appreciation award, and I have been given the opportunity to grow in the company. I have been given the opportunity of further training so that I can become a certified recruiter. And in becoming a certified recruiter, ActioNet has ensured that I will continue to grow as a young professional.

ActioNet is a place where everyone is friendly, supportive, and willing to get things done. A place where community involvement is built into the culture. A place where our mission statement isn’t just words that are meant to entice new business but are genuine. A place that values its customers and employees, new and old. Now if you ask me, that’s my kind of place!

Check our job openings on our Careers Page on our Website, and reach out to Recruiting, [email protected], with any questions you might have.