June 22, 2017

By June N

On June 3, twenty-four ActioNeters and their families gathered at the beautiful Sheraton Sunmarina Hotel in Okinawa, Japan. They were blessed with a beautiful day, where everyone enjoyed the buffet luncheon, games, strolling on the beach, and swimming.  It was a fun party and everyone had a blast. Great ocean view!


Josh C, Brennan H, June N, Steven L, Leroy B (front), Shawn B (back), Samuel A, and Antoni H


The Okinawa crew sends a big “Thank You” to Ms. Ashley for her generosity.





This group enthusiastically participated in several team building games. June N gets extra points for her creativity and organization. Balloon Transfer






Caterpillar Race





Paper Plate Game






Saran Wrap Ball





Face the Cookie






Kangaroo Hop