March 16, 2015

Written by Angela D.

At ActioNet we value open communication with our employees and our customers. That is one reason we publish a quarterly newsletter. Our newsletter is published in the summer, fall, winter, and spring. Check out our Spring 2015 Newsletter now!

2015 is the year of Transformation for ActioNet. We are transforming as a company, and we are encouraging our employees to transform within themselves. You can see the theme of transformation when you read Dave Collignon’s article, “Work Hard, Play Hard, Be Fit and Be Healthy.” Dave details ActioNet’s commitment to healthy lifestyles for our people. This article features some of the activities that the Health Services Business Unit is doing to stay healthy and fit. One of their more popular activities is the Health Services Activity Challenge. The Activity Challenge utilizes a Fitbit tracker to track employees’ steps; there are gold, silver, and bronze awards each month. Make sure to read the article to find out what is going on in the Baltimore, MD office.

Jim Leonard wrote an article titled “Infrastructure Impossible – ActioNet to the Rescue.” This article details our work with the Department of Energy. ActioNeters took an impossible task and transformed it into a successful project. We utilized ActioNet’s Cloud Services, and the team accomplished great results in a short time period.

ActioNet is a global company. This newsletter features pictures from all of our winter parties. Take a look at all of the pictures and see how many different cities we are working in. ActioNet is also committed to our surrounding communities. We also have a few pictures of our most recent community outreach programs.


Spring 2015 Newsletter