February 15, 2016

Written by Cheryl H.

Greetings ActioNet Family and Happy New Year! My name is Cheryl, and I’m a fellow [and proud] ActioNeter currently working on the BEP project. Becoming an ActioNeter felt like an instant connection to an inclusive team of highly professional and supportive colleagues within an environment that welcomes collaboration, team work, diversity, and individual development. I started working at ActioNet in the Fall of 2013, and it has been such a rewarding and growth experience as a young professional looking to grow in my career. I know for sure that joining ActioNet was a great career move for me over two years ago.  Time flies! From the very beginning, I noticed how engaged and involved Senior and Executive management was to the company and staff’s success. I feel that I always know what is expected of me and what is going on within the company which is a huge plus and motivator to do my best to represent ActioNet well on my project and overall.   The availability of resources and information is readily accessible and easy to navigate.   I love our Intranet!

Working on the BEP project has been a joy. I am supported daily by my Program Manager, along with my senior ActioNeters who not only provide excellent mentorship and guidance, but give me the space to learn on my own. Even though my primary role on this project is to provide technical writing and quality assurance support as a Quality Assurance Analyst, my PM always encourages me to learn other areas on the project.   In two years I have facilitated meetings, reviewed IT policies, worked concurrently with the Chief of my department to develop a Computer Security Incident Response Capability (CSIRC) manual, developed standard operating procedures (SOPs), guides for our primary IT security tool, and the list literally goes on. The opportunities to expand my skills and talents have been plentiful.   Additionally, the encouragement to pursue, and accessibility of advanced training opportunities offered at ActioNet has been great. I have participated in the Department of Homeland Security’s Privacy Workshop, a PMP Bootcamp, and Scrum Master Certification training; all of which are aligned with skills I want to acquire to remain a viable and strong team member.

With the New Year quickly underway, I look forward to being a dedicated asset to ActioNet, and my team. I encourage all of my young professionals within the company to certainly take advantage of the career and training opportunities available, and I wish you all a successful and prosperous year!