May 4, 2021

Bring your Kids to Work Day Header

By Dee C. 

On April 22nd ActioNeters celebrated (Virtual) Bring your Kids to Work Day. Employees were encouraged to allow their children to shadow them for the day. Many of our ActioNeters participated by bringing their children into video meetings and introducing them to their coworkers. 

Three participants shared photos and videos of their experiences. In their entries are smiles, wishes, and surprising revelations. 

Virtual Bring your Kids to Work Day 

Everyone has been completing their work from home for the past year. Children have been taking classes online while their parents work in the other room. After a year of co-working, families know more about their loved ones’ workloads than ever. 

“We’ve been in quarantine for about a year now… working from home for a lot of days, so Bring your Child to Work Day has been almost everyday,” said Janelle J.  

Maricar R. interviewed her son Cole during the celebrations. She was surprised to find he already knew the names of the company, her coworkers, and variations of ActioNet slogans! 

“ActioNeters don’t go down without a fight,” said Cole after being asked what he has learned throughout 2021. He was referring to our ActioNeters Never Give Up initiative, popular throughout 2020. 

Yetunde S. celebrates Bring your Kids to Work Day

Yetunde S. and her son talked recruiting during Bring your Kids to Work Day 

Future of Bring your Kids to Work Day 

As more people get vaccinated, the possibility of an in-person Bring your Kids to Work Day 2022 increases. Jaema, Janelle J.’s daughter, expressed great interest in the possibility of coming back into the office. 

“It’s boring… being in a chair for almost 8 hours,” she said of work and schooling from home. She was excited when asked if she would come in for in-office 2022 celebrations. The prospect for being able to walk around, interact with people, and “[not] hav[ing] to go to school” was exciting after this year of isolation. 

Where Do We Go from Here? 

“I really like Bring your Child to Work Day,” says Janelle. “I think it’s a great experience for parents and children. [For] children to get out and get to see where their parents work and meet to meet the people their parents work with all day long.” 

The location of 2022 Bring your Children to Work Day is yet to be seen, but one constant rings true. The love of family and comradery makes the holiday beloved to many employees. As long as that remains constant, the laughter of children will be heard in ActioNet meetings the fourth Thursday of April every year.