August 19, 2015

Written by Dave C.

Our Health Services Business Unit in Baltimore hosted an All Hands on Monday (8/17/2015).   Dave Collignon and his leadership team shared their many HSBU Initiatives, Innovation,  Business and Professional Growth with our many ActioNeters in Baltimore right outside of our building.   Kudos to all ActioNeters who make our success possible!   At the end of the All Hands it was clear that the fever of success had been caught by our Health Services members prompting Ashley to ring a service hand bell to queue an Ice Cream truck. However, she quickly noted that the only prescription to our collective success across ActioNet was to hear some Cow Bell!  Low and behold a cow bell materialized and its ringing was immediately followed by an appearance of an ice cream truck playing its theme song, pulling in front of everybody.  We all enjoyed an ice cream bar prior to breaking for lunch.   Everyone went back to work happy in the afternoon.  How COOL is that!







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