May 2, 2021

Savings with Tickets at Work

By Dee C. 

ActioNet Works Hard and Plays Hard. Typically those words are used to refer to our innovative projects and employee engagement events. Employee happiness is important to ActioNet, and we pride ourselves in providing engaging projects, events, and benefits.  

At ActioNet, we believe that great work environments should continue past the office doors. To that point, ActioNet provides numerous benefits that can assist employees with their personal growth and work-life balance. One of our best programs can be used for savings on thousands of items, including food, computers, subscriptions, and more!  

About Tickets at Work 

Tickets at Work began as an organization dedicated to providing travel discounts to employees. Using their platform, individuals could save thousands on trips to dozens of cities across the world. Everything from hotels and car rentals to amusement parks and plays. 

In the average year Tickets at Work is a staple in any employee’s vacation plans. As travel shut down, their benefits became less helpful to the average user. To respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, Tickets at Work expanded their services to benefit employees in the office and in the home. 

At-Home Benefits 

To serve customers throughout the pandemic, Tickets at Work created the ‘Save @ Home’ initiative. The ‘Save @ Home banner is home to a number of discounts on everything from new computers and insurance to food and children’s toys. Discounts vary, but can save families up to 70% on the items they need the most. 

Tickets at Work Homepage

The Tickets at Work ‘Save @ Home’ initiative can be used to save on hundreds of essentials

Accessing Tickets at Work

ActioNeters can get access to their Tickets at Work benefits by visiting their website. Register an account using your ActioNet e-mail address. Upon completion you will gain access to all the savings Tickets at Work has to offer.

ActioNet is proud to provide services that benefit you, the ActioNeters, with all aspects of life. We highly encourage ActioNeters take advantage of their Tickets at Work benefits and make the most of their work-life balance.

If you are not an ActioNeter but would like to join a great company with amazing benefits, consider browsing our careers page. We have dozens of open positions across the globe and a team of friendly recruiters happy to speak with you. Submit any recruiting questions to our team at [email protected].