May 18, 2015

Written by Ashley C.

Many of you that visit us at our Headquarters are curious why “there is always a fruit bowl in the kitchen filled with fresh and colorful fruits.” ActioNeters work hard, play hard, eat healthy and stay fit.

“The Fruit Bowl” is part of ActioNet’s Corporate Culture and we have been doing this for the last 17 years. As the day gets longer and the workload gets heavier, there is a Little Fruit Bowl filled with fresh fruits ALL the time, and there are always ActioNeters who care about each other!

Around Noon time, there is a hawk flying across I-66 and standing on the rail outside of our 10th Floor kitchen staring at our “Fresh Fruit Bowl”.   We are convinced that he was attracted to our beautiful and colorful Fresh Fruit Bowl. He will then soar across I-66 and check out the traffic. He is “The Fastest Creature Crossing I-66 Winner”.   Seeing is Believing. Please check out the pictures yourself!