March 7, 2022

By Jeff A.

Password Security is the front door to the house, and it is critical that policies for the strength of passwords and regular changes to those passwords are closely followed by all organizations.  Anything less than 100% compliance runs the risk of a hacker entering the “front door” and gaining access to sensitive information and compromising critical missions.

Our 2022 Team Award Winner Lead, Banji A., suggested a novel approach, creating a video using his talent and equipment and the teams’ talented participation to push compliance with a catchy soundtrack and password security compliance lyrics(!). The result is the video provided. This was and is considered extremely innovative by both the Federal Security Team Lead as well as the Office Chief and, in his words: “I am reaching out to let you know how impressed we all were with the Password Security Compliance video the Security Team pulled together! I am amazed that a team of security professionals could also be so creative and innovative. They were able to use music and video and personality and enthusiasm to inspire folks to address the normally very dry issues around password security compliance. They made it fun and entertaining.”  

Please make sure your password doesn’t s#@&k 🙂