March 19, 2018

By Miguel D.

Miguel D. is a Systems administrator for one of ActioNet’s Air Force Contracts located in South Korea.  He shares his recent experience at the Olympics in PyeongChang.

Miguel was impressed with the amazing coordination and work by ROK Staff and volunteers. Over 25,000 people joined forces to put the Olympic closing ceremony together.  The majority were Korean but some from abroad too. Miguel noted that they were helpful, friendly, energetic, and always went out of their way to be supportive. The trip to PyeongChang was a bit long but it was worth the effort to attend the closing ceremonies on Sunday, 25 February, 2018.

ActioNeter Miguel at the 2018 Olympic Closing Ceremony

ActioNeter Miguel D. takes photos of the Olympic rings

Transportation was definitely a big challenge.  Miguel took the KTX train, otherwise known as the “Super Fast Train” with speeds up to 147 mph!  Unfortunately, he missed his stop twice and then had to travel by bus for another 15 minutes before arriving at the Olympic grounds.   He was thankful for the Korea Train app to help navigate.

ActioNet Employee Miguel traveled around PyeongChang Olympic grounds and captured the sites

Miguel traveled around to see the sights and views of PyeongChang while visiting the 2018 Olympics

Miguel thoroughly enjoyed the Closing Ceremonies and estimates he walked over 22,000 steps to see all the sights.