April 23, 2021

No Tailgating Policy

By Mengistu W.

Throughout our general lives, it is common courtesy to hold doors open when we see someone else approaching. While this is a kind gesture, at ActioNet we need to ensure the security of our facilities. To keep our employees, equipment and documents safe, it is critical that our security team can identify those entering the office. To this point, it is company policy that all visitors use their security cards to unlock doors. This no-tailgating policy is enforced on all ActioNet entryways. 

To assist our visitors, our receptionists are trained and equipped with temporary badges. Qualified visitors receive temporary badges upon completion of our sign-in form. Forgetful employees can also gain access to temporary badges through the same system should they leave their assigned cards at home.

As a final measure of safety, ActioNet requires temperature checks of all visitors to our offices. Employees and visitors alike are required to visit the 10th floor reception desk for their temperature check prior to visiting any other office location. Masks are required within the reception area as well as all other ActioNet hallways and meeting rooms. We request that all visitors continue to maintain social distancing and regular hand washing as well.

ActioNet thanks you for working with us to keep our offices safe and healthy by following our COVID and no-tailgating policies. We look forward to seeing you in your future visits to our ActioNet offices.