June 12, 2018

ActioNeters encourage each other to become better at salesforce with their salesforce summit
ActioNeters stay on course with Salesforce Summit

By Aparna S.

The ActioNet Salesforce Team has been doing some exceptional work in innovating and creating state-of-the-art applications for our customers. Recently, in an effort to keep the team motivated and engaged to invest in their own trainings and career progression, we designed The Salesforce Summit. In order to understand the components of The Salesforce Summit – an introduction into Trailhead is a necessity.

Trailhead is an interactive learning path through the basic building blocks of the Salesforce Platform. By enrolling in this learning opportunity, our resources are able to learn and test their knowledge of the platform while earning points and badges to celebrate their achievements. Content in Trailhead is organized into units, modules, and trails to help guide users through everything they need to know about Salesforce.

We used this concept of Trailhead achievements to create The Salesforce Summit. This board (pictured) is updated monthly when we take stock of points and badges earned to-date. There are three parts to this:

  1. Certifications – The various type of Salesforce platform certifications along with Team member’s first names and pictures are listed.
  2. Hiking Trail – The trail starts at a Scout level to a Hiker, then Explorer, Adventurer, Mountaineer and finally Ranger. As seen, we have team members’ names and pictures at each level in the Trail to help them reach new heights!
  3. The Leaderboard – Has the cumulative totals of points, badges and certifications for the top 10 people in the team.

The team has been very excited since we have designed and implemented this motivational wall. To date, the team collectively has earned:

  • 100 total applications deployed (and counting) since 2014
  • 47 Salesforce certifications obtained by the team
  • 1,173 badges earned on Trailhead
  • 1,035,427 points earned on Trailhead

This rapidly growing success of ActioNet’s Salesforce implementations is a testament to the team’s dedication and commitment to personal excellence. Their expertise and knowledge serves as the foundation to deliver innovative and successful solutions to the healthcare sector and beyond. Our ability to navigate complex security architectures and business frameworks has positioned ActioNet to be one of the premier Salesforce developers for the Federal government. And now with this new medium to record and measure their growth in Salesforce, the team is bound to do greater things!

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